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Spell-Flux Zoo (98% Winrate)






Nexus Strike

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Currently 93 wins 2 losses in normal play -- TLDR: Save mushroom clouds for use with Heimer. Focus on tempo and board control. -- The superb removal of the Shadow Isles with a late game oriented Piltover spell zoo. This deck is an unstoppable mid-range powerhouse that will beat almost every aggro and control deck I've seen. - This deck plays similarly to Heimerdinger control but with a few major differences. We have a much stronger early game with several well stated bodies we can slap down in early turns to supplement our removal. The shroom carrier minions double as spell generation allowing us to spam out 1/1 turrets from heim to halt aggro decks in the midgame. The shrooms also provide damage against control decks and help to bring slower decks into the range of our burst spells.

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