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If you're a fan of killing your opponent in a single turn or enjoy using your opponent units to shatter their nexus with a few kicks then Lee Sin is the deck for you. Zoe, Eye of the Dragon and Mountain Goat provide some stall and cheap spells to level up Lee Sin. Combining Zenith Blade with other buffs onto a Level 2 Lee Sin will end the game with style, or Sparklefly can sneak past any blockers to chip away at the nexus.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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In the mulligan you're looking for Zoe as it is the best turn 1 play, followed by a Mountain Goat or Eye of the Dragon to keep the aggressive decks at bay. Hush should be kept when facing decks that massively buff up a unit such as Nasus or Overwhelms. Deny can be kept when facing a deck with direct removal for Lee Sin like Vengeance. Pale Cascade can be kept alongside early units in order to make favorable trades or save Zoe from removal spells such as Vile Feast.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-When facing frostbite decks, use Bastion before they get a chance to freeze your Lee Sin to force an additional spell.

-You can use a Zenith Blade on a Eye of the Dragon or Sparklefly early on if you activate the daybreak to draw another.

-When Invoking, think long term, Crescent Strike and Equinox can be much stronger than a Messenger for 1 card draw.

-Try saving cheap spells like Guiding Touch to give Lee Sin Barrier, don’t use more then 2 spells per turn unless you need to.


👌 Strong Against: Watcher Combo, Draven Ezreal

👎 Weak Against: Azir Irelia, Soraka TK, Nightfall



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