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Soraka Tahm Kench

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You'll have to think about the game very differently to pilot this one well as your main win condition is through healing instead of damage. If you love unorthodox lines of thinking and preventing your opponents win condition, this is the deck for you. Tahm Kench can singlehandedly shut down any gameplan until you achieve Star Springs 22 heal win condition via massive heals provided by Soraka to end the game.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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You always want to look for Star Springs in the early mulligan, Soraka and Tahm Kench are the 2nd priority unless facing decks like Lee Sin in which Tahm Kench is key for the match up. Hush should be kept when facing decks with massive elusives or units that get buffed by a significant amount such as Nasus. Broadbacked Protector is a good keep when facing aggro if you also have some early blockers. Star Shepherd can be kept if you can get an early Star Spring or Soraka on board and start stacking her attack quickly. Astral Protection is a great tool when facing midrange as it allows you to eat bigger units or making Boxtopus a 3/8 Challenger.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-Star Spring tests it’s win condition after healing so if you have 2 on board the heal from the rightmost Star Springs can’t win the game via the leftmost Star Springs total.

-Soraka’s Champion spell fully heals all damaged units and is best used for a massive heal to rapidly advance the Star Spring win condition.

-If you use Tahm Kench’s Champion spell to eat an ally unit in order to level him up then the unit will return with full hp.

-For a healing based deck you lack direct sources of nexus healing, so save Guiding Touch to stop burn damage rather than healing your own units.

-You will slowly win with Star Springs so when it's on board and you don’t need to open attack to heal up with Soraka you can simply open pass.

-Only try to eat a unit with Tahm Kench’s spell when you can answer combat tricks or buffs, don't risk it unless you're forced to.


👌 Strong Against: Thresh Nasus, Lee Sin

👎 Weak Against: Aggro, Azir Irelia, Ez Draven, Ashe Nox



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