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Lebonk Sivir

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This deck is ideal for the midrange lovers that like to hit hard whilst utilizing Quick Attack and Vulnerable to keep trades in your favour. You start stacking Reputation and Sivir’s level conditions early on with LeBlanc and Thrashing Snapper then finish the game with a big swing from a wide board with a leveled Sivir.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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When mulliganing you want to curve out as much as possible, so keep House Spider and Thrashing Snapper. LeBlanc and Sivir are always a great keep in the mulligan, this can be paired with Bloody Business to take out some key targets like Ezreal. Ruin Runner is a great keep versus decks that rely on spells to clear the board such as Ezreal Draven. If you're facing a slower deck you can keep Preservarium to have Shaped Stone activated as well as more resources in the mid game.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-Always attack with Sivir last to keep her level 2 ability as long as possible in case they can somehow block her.

-LeBlanc’s Champion spell can deal 2 damage to anything, the opponent might not expect this so use this to your advantage.

-Always use buffs or combat tricks on spell shield units when possible to make it much harder to counter the spell you play.

-Keeping a low HP unit on your opponent board is a nice way to set up for an Overwhelm unit later on.


👌 Strong Against: Shyvana Asol

👎 Weak Against: Ezreal Draven, Aggro, Ashe Nox, Irelia Azir , Thresh Nasus



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