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If you're a person who doesn’t mind sacrificing half of your deck in order to massively buff up units and dominate the board then Deep might just be your new favorite deck. It revolves around early Toss cards like Dreg Dredgers and Sea Scarab to go Deep fast, followed by Nautilus or Lure of the Depths to discount your Sea Monsters in order to swarm the board with massive beasts.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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In the mulligan you want to look for your cheap Toss units like Dreg Dredgers and Sea Scarab, Jettison should also be kept if it's safe to do so. Lure of the Depths should alway be kept to allow for a better swarm setup with Nautilus. Maokai is a great tool for providing Saplings to pick off some of your opponents units, similarly Jaul Hunters are great for taking out an early threat. When facing aggro or swarm then keep Withering Wail to clear the board as well some extra heal.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-Where possible save Toss spells to go deep at burst speed to surprise your opponent with some stronger units that will trade better on attack and defense.

-When facing The Watcher always make sure to go Deep after The Watcher has attacked to refill your deck with sea monsters.

-Even though Nautilus is a massive unit, Abyssal Eye can sometimes be a much more reliable win condition so save removal and challenger units for any opposing elusive units.

-Don’t actively go for a Maokai’s level up if you can play sea monsters instead, whilst it is great it can sometimes cost you the game if you invest too much into it.


👌 Strong Against: Ez Draven, Watcher Combo.

👎 Weak Against: Azir Irelia, Shurima Noxus,Spiders,Scouts, Pirate Burn



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