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Ezreal Draven

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This reactive midrange-control deck is for players who enjoy controlling the board whilst also developing some early pressure. Ballistic bot and Draven can provide some early damage, while Ezreal, Captain Farron and potentially a massive unit from Tri-Beam Improbulator are all ways to close out the game.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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The mulligan relies heavily on what you are facing but keeping a Tri-Beam Improbulator with some 3 cost cards such as Draven is always a good plan to start stacking Tri-Beam. Culling Strike can be useful against high priority targets such as Thresh, Ezreal or Azir. Statikk Shock is a perfect tool when dealing with swarm decks. Ezreal is great versus decks that struggle to deal with Elusives as you can get tons of value out of the mystic shots he provides. House Spider can buy you a few turns versus Aggro and finally Scorched Earth is key when facing decks that rely on a landmark such as Soraka TK.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-BE COMFORTABLE PASSING. As a very reactive deck, you always want to be considering starting your turn with a pass. Ask yourself: If the opponent passed back and ended the turn, would that be a bad thing for me? Aggro players can't afford to send to spell mana or skip attacks. Reactivity is KING.

-Thermogenic Beam for 3 mana triggers Tri-Beam so when possible try plan out your mana usage to get that extra trigger.

-Don’t be afraid to use Thermogenic beam early as you may struggle to use it in the late game, it can even be used for 0 when Ezreal is leveled for an extra 2 damage.

-Tri-beam is generally super solid at 5-6 charges, and growing past that point is sometimes even worse in terms of the random unit. Looking at you, 7.

-Playing Farron can leave you with little mana to work with and you may be easily punished, avoid playing Farron against decks that can swing the game in one turn until 100% safe to do so


👌 Strong Against: Unit based Midrange (Dragons),

👎 Weak Against: Watcher Combo, Burn



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