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Step on me Fiora

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For bigbrains who love winning the game through unique win conditions. This deck turns the game into chess, playing around every single opponent option while planning ahead to the the 4 kill Fiora instant win condition.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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You always want to full mulligan for Fiora or Entreat to tutor her out. If you have Fiora or Entreat in hand, you're looking for cheap tricks (Elixir, Brittle Steel, or Troll Chant) in the aggro matchups, and for Stand Alone or Take Heart in the slower matchups. If you already have some of those secondary cards for the matchup you're in, keeping a Single Combat or Strafing Strike is great.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-BE COMFORTABLE PASSING. As a very reactive deck, you always want to be considering starting your turn with a pass. Ask yourself: If the opponent passed back and ended the turn, would that be a bad thing for me? Aggro players can't afford to send to spell mana or skip attacks. Reactivity is KING.

-With Fiora it's ALL about mana advantage. If you have less mana than your opponent, pass and make them use their mana first.

-Always ask yourself what spells the opponent deck is running and constantly play around them. Always keep an answer assuming they have all their spells in hand.

-Save Single Combat to stop sacrifice spells like Glimpse, Fervor, and Homecoming.


👌 Strong Against: Aggro, Azir Irelia, Midrange decks

👎 Weak Against: Control decks, Ez Draven, Targon


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