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Taliyah Thralls

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This deck is for all the fans of Landmarks and for those who want to bend the rules of time to fast forward the countdown to your opponent's doom. Frozen Thrall combined with ways to advance it like Clockwork Curator results in numerous 8/8 Overwhelms that crush your opponent. Taliyah and Promising Future makes use of the Landmark just before the countdown reaches 0 to summon even more 8/8’s.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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You always want to look for a way to get an early Frozen Thrall in the mulligan, whether that through the landmark itself or Lissandra. If you have a Frozen Thrall then look for a card like Clockwork Curator to advance the countdown. When facing more aggressive decks you want to look for board clears such as Blighted Ravine. Draklorn Inquistior can be kept if you have some early game in hand as well. Ancient Preparations is a great tool to predict key cards whilst also gaining a blocker later on. Kindly Tavernkeeper can be kept when going against burn to keep your nexus healthy.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-Be conscious about board space, Lissandra, Draklorn Inquisitor and Taliyah all need 2 spaces on board for the units and the landmark.

-Promising Future is best on Frozen Thrall but in a tough spot can be used on other landmarks like Blighted Ravine for a 4 damage board wipe.

-Keeping a 2nd Lissandra to guarantee a level up is great when dealing with small bits of damage like Blades, Sand Soldiers or a level 2 Ezreal.


👌 Strong Against: Shyvana Asol, Thresh Nasus

👎 Weak Against: Ezreal Draven, Irelia Azir, Burn


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