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Fisting Riven

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If you're a fan of Lee Sin but want to be more aggressive and stylish then this is the deck for you, it abuses Quick Attack, Overwhelm and even Double Attack to deliver some massive chunks of damage to the nexus. You might deal some earlier chip damage with some cheap units however the main win condition is going all in with a Overwhelm Double attack unit, with Survival Skills backup to keep the unit alive.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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In the mulligan you want to look for any of your early units but mainly Riven to get the Blade of the Exile as early as possible. Draven’s Biggest Fan should be kept instead of Draven in the mulligan if given both to choose from. Combo pieces such as Flurry of Fists can be kept if you already have some early units. Whirling death isn’t just an offensive tool for overwhelm, it can be helpful when dealing with challenger units. Nopeify should only be kept when facing a deck that has cheap spells you need to counter such as Single Combat.

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💡 Tips 💡 ‎ ‎ ‎

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-When using Whirling Death on Draven equipped with an Axe you can level him up in a single turn.

-Only use just enough damage to close out the game when facing decks that can clear or silence your unit so you don’t waste resources.

-Survival Skills can be manually played when going against Swarm decks or champions such as Irelia or Azir to prevent tons of damage without sacrificing your own units.

-Don’t be afraid to use some buffs to take out important targets that might threaten the OTK combo later on.


👌 Strong Against: Scouts, Thresh Nasus

👎 Weak Against: Ashe Nox, Watcher Combo, Shyvana Asol


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