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Budget Demacia

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This beginner-friendly deck plays for high-value units every turn, and controlling exchanges to slowly overwhelm your opponent's board with your own.

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🃏 Mulligan 🃏

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This deck has a very straightforward mulligan; keep 1 and 2 mana units, and Solari Sunforger against aggro.

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-Against aggro, try to combo Single Combat with Sunforger's temporary lifesteal to heal 10 in a single turn.  ‎

-If you don't have anything else to do with your mana, playing a Vanguard Redeemer without it's ability is totally fine.

-Only use Penitent Squire's challenger spell if you need it; you'll have use for it and the mana later so don't feel pressured to use it just to use it.


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