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Instant poppy deck, Just add a region

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Bowman Klutz
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Use your excess of tanky low-cost units to absorb any damage thrown at you early in the game. One buff from poppy or cithria the bold should wipe their board, and the next should finish their nexus. Make sure to (usually) keep reactive buff spells to protect key units and stop yourself falling behind, rather than pushing damage, protecting a unit that doesn’t matter as much, or ensuring their unit dies.

I’m not a pro deck maker though, so don’t expect too much of this. I will use this deck because I know it well (played a similar deck before poppy was announced). Don’t be surprised if the deck loses a lot if you pick it up.

Cards that could be subbed out in different regions include stony suppressor, 1 copy of barrier, brightsteel protector and Cithria the Bold, and any card there is a better version of in that region. Sub lucian and shyvana before poppy (ofc), but Lucian is a good backup if they somehow manage to beat your board. Although, again, I’m not a pro so feel free to make your own changes if you’re copying this.



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