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Bowman Klutz
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You know how poppy decks usually don’t level her? Because you win beforehand? If you’ve ever played poppy, you’ll know how rare her LV2 tends to be. Well, this deck aims to change that! With many tools to protect her and give her attacks, as well as very few units that will finish the game beforehand, this deck is built for Poppy LV2!

Strategy: in the opening phase, replace all cards if they aren’t poppy, fiora, or maybe vanguard defender if you’re against an aggressive deck. if you do have a champion, keep cards that are good with them, in terms of cards that protect them and help her level-up condition.

Semibudget version I run: -2 fiora +2 dragon chow -1 nopeify +1 deny

If this seems like a massive meme to you, even though the deck can feel awkward without drawing poppy, it can still win. I am 16-8 with my semi budget version as we speak (gold rank, but still.) and I actually win very often against bandle burn – seemingly, the way to counter the toxic LV1 poppy deck that does not care about level up is to use her the way champions are meant to be used.

Good matchups: Poppy Ziggs, piles

Bad matchups: Draven Sion, Viego I think

Note: those matchups are probably not final, because I haven’t faced everything with this deck yet.



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20 cards

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