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The most perfect deep you have ever seen

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This deck depends on heavy Deep rush. Fading memories and Absorb Soul synergize perfectly with your early play cards. I got rid a copy of Sea Scarab since its effect backfires when you have already Deep. Therefore, I also throw away 2 copies of Vile Feasts since it only synergizes with Sea Scarab, more over, does not generate that much value. I put one copy of Jettison away for the same reason of the Scarab. And also delete one copy of the Slaughter Dock. I put in a Soul Absorb because this card has some potential to go with Horny Toad, Dreg and Scarab. I also add in 2 Terror of the Tides because this is the most solid win con possible of this deck. Since Atrocity can sometime be tossed; Nautilus and his army can be blocked. One copy of Maokai is enough, since you are gonna to toss everything but the champion, you only need one lvl up Maokai for the additional win con. It does not necessary to set up Maokai for the toss, if do, Maokai is a perfect spells absorber. That's it, enjoy!



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