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In Legends of Runeterra, there are eight regions: Bilgewater, Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, Shadow Isles, and Targon. Regions act as card factions from which you can build decks from. In the constructed format, you can have a max of two regions in your deck. The draft format currently does not have a limit.

card types




are powerful cards that can level up to become stronger by fulfilling certain conditions:
Every deck can have up to 6 total champions, only 3 of the same kind. Champions fulfill conditions to Level Up. When they level up, they become stronger and gain new abilities. Leveling up causes all copies to level up.
Only one copy of a specific champion can be on the board at once. If you draw other copies while a champion is on the board, they will transform into a spell form until that champion is removed. Playing the spell will shuffle the champion back into your deck instead of going to the graveyard.




Spells can be cast at three different speeds (described below). You can use spell mana to cast spells (you cannot do so for champions and followers).



Burst cards can be played before, during, or after combat. They can be used in response to other spells being cast. The difference between Burst and Fast is that Burst cards do not count as an action and will not end your turn like a Slow or Fast card. As long as you are casting Burst cards and have the mana for them, you can cast them until you play a non-Burst card or end your turn.



Fast cards can be played before, during, or after combat. You can queue multiple Fast spells at the same time to be cast as one action. They can also be used in response to Slow and Fast spells being cast.



Slow cards can only be cast on your turn before or after combat. They cannot be used in response to other spells being cast.




Followers are units that are not Champions. Every follower has Power which represents how much damage they inflict and Health which represents how much damage they can take before dying.

Card Rarity



- The lowest level of card rarity. Costs 100 shards to craft.


- The second to lowest level of card rarity. Costs 300 shards to craft.


- The second-highest level of card rarity. Costs 1200 shards to craft.


- The rarest card rarity. Costs 3000 shards to craft.


Mobalytics tags


- These are cards that give positive bonuses and effects to other cards.


- Spells or skills that can do direct damage to the enemy Nexus.


- A spell, skill, or ability that removes a unit from play through damage or other effects.

Card Draw

- These are spells and abilities that allow you to draw extra cards directly from your deck.

Board Sweeper

- Spells and abilities that are capable of killing many units at once

Deck limits

In the constructed mode of Legends of Runeterra, you can build a deck of up to 40 cards. Each deck can use cards from a max of up to two regions and is limited to six champions per deck (3 max copies per champion).

deck types



 - Aggro decks overwhelm opponents with many low-cost creatures and burn spells to end the game before they can respond.


 - Combo decks seek to find a specific combination of cards that will outright win the game once they're assembled.


 - Control decks slow the game down to a war of attrition and outlast other decks with card advantage and more powerful options.


 - Midrange decks are built to be flexible and adapt to any situation. They sacrifice speed and stamina for the capability to be good at both.